Skechers Cosmos Hardside 3-Pc Luggage Set-3 Colors

We don’t have this particular set, but wanted to say that buying Orange luggage was the smartest travel move we ever made. We never have to look for our luggage & no one would ever try to sneak off with it. My Dh hated it at first & now he loves it as much as I do.

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Can Woot! please tell us the weight of each piece? With the accursed airlines gouging passengers for being even an ounce over the limit, the weight of the bag is a critical planning factor!

Found a link to similar piece of Skechers luggage and it lists weight as 9.6lbs.

from the thumbnail, I thought they were legos…

Does anyone own these? I keep looking at hard sided luggage in the stores, but the wheels vary a whole lot. I want the 360 spinners, but the ones I’ve come across that have just 1 small, plastic wheel, seem to get hung up when pulling them. The ones with the double mag-type of spinner wheels seem to spin and pull more freely.

We ask for the weight from each of our luggage vendors. Unfortunately, they have not be able to provide us with this information yet. Apologies.

I actually bought this set back in June. “Hardside” is just a term used to mean “not soft.” They were shipped like matryoshka nested dolls, which makes it nice for storage. However, one corner on each the large and medium pieces were dented in. Since the shipping box was in perfect condition, I can only assume they were dropped in the warehouse. We decided to return them rather than exchange because the exteriors are a fairly light weight plastic - think plastic storage tub rather than 5-gallon paint can or PVC. While that helps to keep the weight down, it also means easier denting.

well, doesn’t that also mean that you can just pop the dents right out again?

Yes. But considering the edges of the dents were white (stretched), I figured any repeated dents would crack the case before long. I didn’t want to see how many licks from baggage handlers it would take to get the center.

I would take a dent or two over frays, holes, tears and slashes which is what I’ve experienced with fabric luggage.

Am I the only one who is disappointed you don’t get 3 different colored suitcases?

That would be AWESOME! You just need to find 2 friends that want to order luggage!

I second the need for finding out the weight of these! Without this information it’s impossible to decide on luggage. Can’t find these anywhere else with more information. :frowning:

If I could get these by next week for sure, I would totally buy! Would be nice for my CA trip…

After first use, the corner of the luggage dented in and split. No other damage or marks on this luggage. Sent it back to Olivet, since this kind of corner damagee seems to be common. Olivet sent my luggage back with a note: “not manufacturer defect, your luggage is being returned to you”. Of course this is a manufacturer defect, several pieces of luggage are reported as having the exact same damage. Clearly this is a defect in the design and strength of this luggage. DO NOT buy luggage from Olivet and their 5 year guarantee is worthless. Very upset over my purchase and I implore Woot to never selll Olivet products again as they are clearly inferior. Could have brought cheaper luggage at Target and it wouudl have lasted longer!