Skechers Men's Expected Avillo Relaxed-Fit Slip-On Loafer

what does 2W mean in shoe size…for instance size 10 2w mens?

Their website says "Styles marked with EW are part of our Wide Width Collection.

SKECHERS Men’s EW is equivalent to Men’s W or 3E sizes."

I wonder if someone fat-fingered the description.

Hi all! Per the buyer:

Skechers uses 2E for their wide sizing, while Amazon uses 2W for wide.

We’ve changed the description in the features to 2W to match up to Amazon sizing.

Is M regular size? I’m actually wearing another version of this shoe right now but it just says size 8, not 8M.

Yes, M is standard width or D for mens.

I added it to my cart and signed in with Amazon Prime and it still adds $6 shipping.

Make sure you’re not just using Pay with Amazon.

Best way is to log out of woot and then log back in using the Login with Amazon button.

You have to do that with every order so we can verify your prime status.

It still says “Shipping: Free, Amazon Prime” but then says shipping/handling $6 after logging out/in.

I should have bought 2 pair of each color!! These are the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn. I have slippers that aren’t as comfortable as these shoes!
I guess you gotta get them while you can because they go fast.