Skele-toes Trifit Men's

Great shoes for any four-toed humanoid aliens.

viva la fivefingers!!!

I’d totally jump on a pair this cheap, but they don’t have my size, limited to 7 or 8 :frowning:

Anyone actually have these and want to weigh in with an evaluation of them?? I’m tempted . . .

I wear a 10 1/2. Would I get a 10 or an 11? And does it matter which toe I cut off?

Oh, never mind. You’d think if the size chart goes to 13, the shoes would too.

Got to keep them (toes) separated…

These are uh… not good. Tried them on at a local Marshall’s they’re terrible. Sorry.

Do not like. I have a pair of these (with velcro straps).

I literally can not GIVE these away. I’m afraid to donate them. Not sure if the homeless aren’t better off with worn out socks and a bottle of Thunderbird.

They come really small, if you will risk your money on this, make sure to order a bigger size.

Thanks for the feedback, i’ll pass.

are these good for scuba diving or being wet in general?

I have not heard good things about Skele-toes - not comfortable, not well made, unhappy feet. Some of the same people have gone on to like FiveFingers (or other barefoot shoes, even non-toed), so it’s not just the barefoot style.

4 toes vs 5 is kind of like a tabi vs. FiveFingers mashup? I guess most peoples’ last two toes do tend to be close together. Over time in the 5-toed versions your toes do tend to straighten and separate, though.

I’d be curious to hear from more owners, my evidence is purely anecdotal having not ventured to wear them myself.

As with all toed shoes, not great for people with webbed toes, or people whose second toe is much longer than their big toe.

Come on you tiny footed people! Buy these!

My son has been begging me for these for months. At least if he ends up not liking them I got off cheap and I’ll have a review for next time!

Really? Only size Ewok?

the only thing i’ve come close to wanting in this wootoff
of course it’s out of my size

These are horrible, I’ve always worn fivefingers since I first tried them on a few years ago, and i mean that. always. I own no other type of shoes. I was really hoping for a cheap pair, and I tried these… the first one had hot glue in a toe that cut my foot up, so I got another pair out to exchange then and it had the same thing, again, same toe, right shoe… I got my money back, and I hope woot does the right thing and pulls these things off the shelf and into an incinerator.