Skil 22-Piece Dual-Sided Socket Set

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Skil 22-Piece Dual-Sided Socket Set
$5.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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handyman tools. sweet. o n first post

…lovely same thing

No, krap

One more piece than the last one!

Cat pix?

Ha ha, supposedly one more item than the previous set from a few minutes ago.

cheap crummy tools are always good to use when you want to keep the good ones clean. and also good to let friends borrow so if they loose them then it doesnt matter.

In for one, these things come in handy on those pesky dual sport riding breakdowns.

ok… quality post… well sockets are good… and very handy too … since it is double sided… going both ways definitely has its advantages!

$2 more for only 1 extra piece - somebody call a cop - that’s robbery

You have a KLR also? Thats why I bought mine!

Standard or metric? Both?

Total different tools, you tools…

DON’T buy this except to further the woot off.

I used mine for the first time today and stripped all of the gears off. VERY weak sauce, only use this for cheap and easy stuff.

Wow I can’t believe everyone above thinks this is the same item as before but with one more item. Pay attention more… this is a Socket set, the other item was a screwdriver set.

Big difference.

Home Depot sells all these skil kits for 5-6 dollars every christmas.

No sillies, the last piece was a screwdriver with bits. This is for a ratchet with sockets.

The 21 piece was a screwdriver set, this is a socket set.