Skil 4-in-1 Folding Utility Saw & Knife Set w/ 10 Extra Blades

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Skil 4-in-1 Folding Utility Saw & Knife Set w/ 10 Extra Blades
$6.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Time to break out a classic…

I suffer from a lack of . . .


Just … wow.

Only if it wasn’t a pinkish color…

$24.99 on Amazon.

I got this from Woot a couple of weeks back. It’s nice, but the saw blades don’t lock in very well, they have play up and down. Not a deal-breaker, but I would expect a tighter fit.

All the different blades… looks like it could be useful. $6.99 really is a deal for this product.

Barge of Carp, one item at a time . . .

This is what I want people

Cheap stocking stuffer, IMHO. Im in for 3

I am going to use that to cut my face… wheres a boc!

useful looking tool

Thats what she said

Those blades are the perfect size for sawing off the limbs of dolls and stuffed animals. Great holiday gift for the budding sociopath in your life!

It’s not pink, it’s a manly light red.

The case looks nice.

Getting some for the kids… they’ll have fun with this.

In for 3.

I’m going camping, and cutting down trees with this to support my tent and 100 dollar headboard queen sized bed