Skil 43pc Home Theatre Install Kit

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Skil 43pc Home Theatre Install Kit
$14.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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enough of the Skil truckload sale, lets find another brand to feature!

Today’s Woot-off brought to you by Skil.

More Skil merchandise? Really? Post a camera!


Enough with this Skil junk already!

Sorry Woot, had to vent!

Did Amazon buy the SKIL company too?

the only thing that makes this a homoe theatre install kit is the wire strippers? clever woot… clever

Any man that doesn’t already have more tools than this at age 21 is not a man.

Yeah it’s Skill, but not a bad basic tool kit for the price.

This item makes me laugh. People own homes and don’t already own all this stuff? Ok, I guess maybe for an apartment dweller…

Skil doesn’t make fish tape? What HT install kit is worth anything without fish tape?

Love the tools woot, just don’t like that they’re Skil. Got anything else?