Skil 7.2-Volt 1/4" Drive Cordless Power Wrench

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Skil 7.2-Volt 1/4" Drive Cordless Power Wrench
$17.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Skil 2372-01 7.2V Cordless Lithium-Ion 1/4" Power Wrench

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New Skil 7.2-Volt 1/4" Drive Cordless Power Wrench, for $17.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Skil 2372-01 7.2V Cordless Lithium-Ion 1/4" Power Wrench

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These types of items never seem work as well as they are intended…

These things don’t seem to have the best reviews on Amazon.

Not many reviews from Buzzillions too.

I’d almost certainly would take one if someone were to hand it to me for new and for free, but for $23? I don’t think so. Although it might be cool to see how it does with rusted-on nuts and so forth.

A power wrench and a saw on sellout? Woot is themed. :stuck_out_tongue:

I bought one of these a while back. I was not very effective and not too long after I got it, it was dead. Not too happy at all on this one. It wasn’t any more powerful than just doing the work by hand and because of the size most jobs still can’t be done with it.

Unbelievable! I was just at Home Depot today looking for this very thing. Thanks Woot!

For automotive work this is going to just be a time & money waster. At 7.2 volts it’s not going to have near enough torque to remove many bolts. Yes it could remove some, maybe, but it would be dead in short order and you have to grab a real wrench.

This would probably be ok for backing out most screws! With the low torque and speed you wouldn’t strip out screws as fast a a good 12-18 volt drill/driver.

I’d rather just have a good socket wrench then this.


yea a power wrench just means that when you try to torque the bolt on, the motor gives way and doesn’t stick heh.

i bought a husky zero angle ratchet a couple of years ago and it works great for most jobs. it works like a normal ratchet most of the time, but you can also twist the handle like a screwdriver motion and it will rotate the drive. good for tight spaces where you’ve already untorqued the bolt/nut but normal ratchet pulling action and just need to get it unthreaded with the twisting screwdriver motion.

i dont use this oftem if i was into construction business i will probably get it., i waited

I would have bought one of these 2 weeks ago… I needed screwdrivers and nut drivers then.

Speaking of which, no matter how you do it, in order to “wrench” something, you’ve got to apply a sufficient number of inch-pounds for the minimum period of time, right? Well, in this case, it is “producing” the inches, but you still have to hold the body of the device with -at-least- as much force as you would if you were using a manual wrench. The only difference is that you’d be providing static torque (from you and your arm’s point of view) vs. if you were turning a manual wrench.

Or am I just plain confoozled?

Link the actual product, not the refurb from Amazon. :slight_smile:

Wow…what a great deal ($50 at Ace Hardware). 3 reviews on Buzzillions…a little mixed.

looks like its 14.99 refurbished at:

I bought 1 for around the same price 1 year ago at Home Depot (last one on the clearance table). I’ve used it ~ a dozen times over the past year. Works well. Put together my dining room table and other miscellaneous projects. I have no complaints so far.

If you are too lazy to use a socket set or just have the need for tools, this may suffice. I enjoy mine.

I hate to say anything is useless, but this comes pretty durn close, I’m afraid. For most households, you might use this a couple times a year, and even then, by the time you figured out where you stuck the tool parts (hello, manufacturer, you make it so we can hang the charger, why not a place to hang the pieces?), you might as well have just grabbed the socket set and been done with it.

For commercial projects, you’d be far happier with a good commercial tool. It’s /so/ slow in operation. And the ratchet like orientation is great for tight spaces, well, unless you want to use a real ratchet that can get into even tighter spaces.

Ninety percent of woot tools are very useful, but this one’s a dud. You’ll spend more time trying to figure out how to us it, than you would ever save using it.