Skil 7” Laser Level

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Skil 7" Laser Level
$7.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Lasers in the jungle

Pew Pew!

25 bucks at lowes

Oh wait… I guess I accidentally typed in “”…

Skil again??

If you buy 3 you get a shark with it!

Skil=New Excalibur?

More Skil and a nice one. Xmas for 2011 is almost finished for the men in my life.

order 20 of them ganna mount to the hood of my car and never stop hooking

woopah, woopah

did the home depot in Carrollton, TX just go out of business?

do you have skil?

attaches to sharks?

Can I attach this frggin’ laser to the friggin’ head of a friggin’ shark?

man i could have some fun with this

That would explain why you’re here…

can I mount this to my paint sprayer?

Is this Dr. Evil’s laser utilized in Preparation H?