Skil Ergonomic Ratcheting T-Handle Set

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Skil Ergonomic Ratcheting T-Handle Set
$6.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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hope there is 1

Oh bother.

maybe once everyone goes to sleep they’ll have a bag o carp

not another tool

I am not buying this!

Always what I wanted… To screw around with…

oh forget about it!

Sorry woot, I love you but I got essentially the same thing in the bargain bin at Lowes for $3.

it’s ergo-riffic!

good gift for a son or a son in law. jus sayin’

Skil. They make tools as gud as they spel.

Oh, hell no…

T is for tool

nobody buy any until I get back from the supermarket, I don’t want to miss a billygoat on crack

Why is T so special and get a screwdriver to look like it? Why doesn’t W get one to look like it?

I want my bag of crap!!! Could it come in the middle of the night?

oddly enough was looking for a screw driver… this. not a bad deal with all of the bits included.

ugh, going to bed and hoping the Big Orange Carrots come tomarrow.