Skil Isio 2-in-1 Shrub Trimmer and Grass Shear



Thats it, I’m out.


Does it work on dogs?


Also makes a good beard trimmer.


what’s up with the little avatars next to our names?

(Edit: and of course, mine is by far the ugliest one ever made)


shouldn’t this be on kids woot :slight_smile:


Does this work with a Mac?


Bring me a shrubbery!


Any idea if this works good or not.


What type of film does this take?


Woot! wants us to trim our hedges…


I’m in, I wanted this last time, I hate to break the weed whacker out just to do a little trim around a couple small beds, so this will be perfect and for the tiny shrubs too.

Yay Woot!


I have to remember that I’m still on my first cup of coffee, but I swear the price on this thing when it first popped up was $24.99…

(and, no, it is not Irish coffee…)


$119.99 on Amazon


This product is shear genius




This really doesn’t have enough memory to justify the price


Pretty sure I paid $39.99 a few weeks ago.


The better question is is actually a monitor disguised as a hedge trimmer?


Sexual innuendos at this time of the morning are just WRONG!