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Skil Isio 2-in-1 Shrub Trimmer and Grass Shear [New] - $34.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Skil 8120-01 iSio Shrub Trimmer/Grass Shear w/3.6v Lithium Ion Battery

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how good is this ?

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I bought one of these for the grass shearing option. Took forever to get the lawn done. Works great on the small hedges out front though.

I bought one last time too. It worked well on the shrubs so far. I got a lot of use off one charge. Great for small to medium jobs. If you have a hedge maze, you might want something bigger.

Bought one in the past. Charge lasts long, but should only be used for thin branches and grass.

I bought one of these last time. Came in a metal can which I’ll eventually throw away. Not sure how much more it would have cost to ship it in a decent carrying case instead of the metal can.

The grass shear works well not only on grass but other leafy green plants. To keep my border plants off the concrete it is easy to just trim it flush with the concrete. I had earlier bought a couple of electric Black & Decker hedge trimmers to do the same job but because it was such a hassle to get out the extension cord, I stopped using them.

Never had any problems with the battery dying before I finished trimming.

Good product for what I use it for.

$105 at Amazon

A review at HomeFixated

another at

in for one since I read the reviews posted and it looks like it might be a good replacement for the manual jobs that just bend the grass blades half the time. Especially around the bedding plants where a bigger trimmer would take out the stuff I wanted to keep or just plain not fit.

I could use this to create crop circles in my yard to irk the lawn nazi (that’s pronounced not-see) that lives across the street!

Going to school at Battery University to learn care and maintenance of the lithium ion battery…

and also How to Charge one…

Here are some Blade Sharpening Tips from WikiAnswers…

I’m in for 1.

I bought 2 of these the last time had them. I only use them for trimming the grass. The battery seems to run forever once fully charged. I have a very small front yard. A couple times my wife and I started trimming the yard and I was too lazy to get out the mower and we cut the whole yard with the two trimmers. Way better than the Weedeater trimmers I bought at Wal*Mart.

I like the metal container for storing hedge trimmer blades and the manual.

I wonder how useful this would be for, say, Thanksgiving Dinner?

This trimmer is very good for its intended purpose; light, non-woody trimming and maintenance. It is powerful and lightweight and easy to use for quick jobs. Best uses sculpting yews, ferns, azaleas, boxwoods and smaller diameter shrubs. Great gift for older gardners in that they are light, cordless, and manuverable (I sent one to my 87 year old mother and it allows her to address tasks were previously difficult). Not a chain saw–more of a finishing tool.


If the battery dies, can I use an extension cord?

No - it’s cordless. But the battery is listed as holding a charge for 18 months, so I imagine it will last considerably longer than that.