Skil Master Multi Tool Driver Set

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Skil Master Multi Tool Driver Set
$5.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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As a male man I enjoy this set.


The things! They’re selling like carps!

lots of parts to loose…one at a time…

this is total krap, don’t buy !

That’s what I was thinking to,damm move the stuff out!!!

$3.99 in early Dec on Woot

I’m going to start using this as a pick-up line with the ladies (though I might class it up a bit with a wink).

I got several of these as stocking stuffers. They just got here, well, yesterday, now. There’s what seems to be a design flaw. The handles do not close all the way due to the lack of a gap at the top of the inner bridge of one of the handles.

At least they didn’t cost much.