Skil Pop-Up Mini Tool Kits – Set of 3



Skil Pop-Up Mini Tool Kits – Set of 3

* + $5 shipping

1 Skil V30451 Pop-Up Mini Tool Kits - Set of 3


I’m going to wait for the HD mini tool kits.


If only I had some mini-tasks to complete, I would have a use for these mini tools.



these tools are garbage!


i got these last time they were on woot and they are the perfect little set to have in my office for random tasks


While I didn’t get this set in particular, I did pick up a few skil sets around Christmas time and winded up keeping them myself… in regards to this set: Do want.


Great for 7 y/o kids, not an adult


I got a better travel tool kit (with more parts) for $7 @ home depot.


$19.75 on



Five Dollar

Five Dollar Tool Kiiiiiiiiit!

(times 3!)


I have a big demonstration after a class at Northwestern next week, and these are NOT what I was hoping for.


I picked these up a while back, and they’re fantastic. Also - they’re cheap enough that if you lose the pieces, it doesn’t matter. I’m in for another set.


I got a few of these last time around. They’re ok. I stash them where I’m likely to need a tool but the toolchest is too far away to be convenient.


i’d give you the sets i bought…but its easier to just throw them in the garbage


If you know anyone going to college and has absolutely nothing for tools, this might help… I could see these things putting together a loft in a dorm room. That’s it though.


the last set of skill tools i got from woot, the case was broken in shipping. tools still worked fine though. just fyi


These sold out faster than a Bee of Cee…would have loved to get in on one. If anyone bought three and wants to unload one, please let me know.