Skil Tool Set

These would make such a romantic Christmas gift!

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I’d be in for a screwdriver, if it were just a bit more sonic…

No tool bag?

Tool time with Al and woot

Stuff the stockings with lots of tools.

Wait! There are Eight sets but I can only get three? How to choose!

Not impressed by the price. These are exactly the sort of things being sold for $4-5 each as “stocking stuffers” at Home Depot (you pay tax, but no shipping).

Is there any way to buy one of each?

Bob the Builder’s head just exploded

Just picked up a 23pc 1/4" Drive set. Not bad. Don’t need anything fancy schmancy since I’ll rarely use it.

Does anyone know the quality of the various metal bits? I bought a cheap screwdriver set once and if you need to really tighten a screw, once you’re done the metal on the head (particularly phillip’s) is all jacked up.

just got a new place, this will come in handy

Most of these “items” probably won’t be worth the postage, but that palm ratcheting screwdriver is actually surprisingly helpful. I don’t own this particular item, so I can’t comment on quality, but the general tool design is more useful than you might think.

i want to buy one of each to help rebuild baltimore.

any wooters have opinions as to which set would be most useful for taking apart my old roadbike/ I don’t suppose any will handle all the different-sized allen sockets, nuts, and whatnot to adjust, but maybe one would be more useful than the rest?

Magnetic?? or g t f o

I hate dropping bits and screws inside computer case and then having to shake the case to get the screw out.

I guess this would make good gifts to give away…

I found one froogle on the 1/4" ratchet set, you could buy a dozen here for the price of one there!"+Driver+Ratchet+Socket+Tool+Bit+&rlz=1R2ACEW_enUS384&aq=&aqi=&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai=&pbx=1&fp=255a3570ffa5c64c

Curse you woot! You are taking away from my energy-drink for finals fund with your irresistible deals!