Skil Tool Set


Well, those shirts didn’t last long!

What happened to the shirts? That was one fast hour

what happened to the shirts!!!

The shirts…my shirts…my lunchtime! Where did it go!

Quick, everybody buy 3!


What the…DANG IT!! I wanted the shirts!!

I was in the middle of an order when it switched to this and just killed my chance at buying. I know it will come up at lunchtime though, so I’m not too worried.

WTF?? Did they have like one t-shirt to sell?

that was a short detour.

I’m so confused…

So. Confused. I think someone is having fun at the woot! switchboard today.

What happened to the shirts?

Woot! has a time machine and just took all of us Wooters forward by one hour.

…that or we actually jumped forward one hour like we are to do to our clocks on sunday…

Wait a darn minute, this was the shirt reckoning a second ago.

Woot… I thought we were taking a shirt-sale lunch break? Now we have skil tools… I iz confused.

What the deuce, I thought there were shirts here.

great for throwing in the glove box of your car.

This is an interesting change of pace… I like the idea of not staring at a flash animation of floating shirts for an hour.

Double post fail…There may be a few more. Sorry.