Skil Tool Set

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Skil Tool Set
$3.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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The Site for Skil

21 Piece Drilling Set

Too bad there’s not a buy-one-of-each option.

I wasn’t impressed the last time when i got the skil multi tool. Poor quality and QC. Basically with this you get what you pay for and nothing more.

Those metric is what really makes it worth it. Metric 10 and 12 does everything.

There is, just click the I want one button

I got one of these last time around…

The precision set has pretty much every bit you’ll need for delicate electronics work save those stupid triangle bits.

Works well, great deal for the money.

Are there any bits here compatible with tamper-resistant screws, such as those found in modern electronics (i.e. PS3, iPhone, Xbox, etc.)?

I bought these last time they were on sale and they are awesome. Just what you need to work on small electronics or complex devices. I couldn’t believe the quality I got for the cost.

The Ratcheting Screwdriver is 14 bucks at amazon

Got a couple of these last time. Love the precision screwdriver set - those tiny little bits come in very handy. Haven’t had as much use for the ratcheting set, but it’s nice to have it around. Best thing, though, is that these sets come with cases. No trying to find odd pieces floating in the junk drawer.
Gave some of these as stocking stuffers and they were much appreciated.

These look very similar to the cheapy set I bought called iWork. It has the exact same shape precision screwdriver handle, with extension and the bits have the same markings. It should be noted IF this is the same set that the T6 Torx bit is not the proper size, at least maybe mine slipped through QC, and neither was the PH00.

I ended up almost stripping a fastener using the T6 and had to find a different “higher quality” set.

give me all 3 for the same price and i would be all over this.

The Precision Screwdriver is 10 bucks through a individual seller on amazon

I bought some of these last time. They are cheap and cheaply made, but they are decent. What I cannot believe is that amawoot has enough of these still lying around to dedicate another entire woot day to them. Somebody had to have lost a job over these things!

For the price or if you’re a business owner and you do ANY work on vehicles it’s an awesome deal. I’d buy 5+ sets if I could if I was still a business manager working on autos.

Ahh, figured it out. I didn’t realize if I clicked on want 3, it would have individual drop-downs to pick.

For as many purchases as I’ve made, I sure don’t know how to use this website. :slight_smile: