Skil Tool Set

Bought the screwdriver set off a previous Woot. The case is pretty cheap, but the driver and all the bits have been going strong!

These didn’t sell last time because the price is too high! I can go down to my local hardware store and find these in the bargain bin any day of the week for $5 - $10.

Moving into a new apartment tomorrow morning. This was an instant buy.

QVC has some reviews on some skil tool set. They seem decent.
[ the Home&cm_pla=Tools&cm_ite=V30451]( the Home&cm_pla=Tools&cm_ite=V30451)

Just my 2¢, these are great to stash away for Christmas. I give these to my 2 nephews and brother. My nephews are in their early 20s so they can always use tools to add to their collection.

I also like spreading out the cost of Christmas across a few months. I have a corner in my closet where I put this stuff.

As a tech guy always taking things apart I find myself in need of Torx heads a lot. Hopefully the 3 pack will serve me well.

I’m with MattHarper on this one. I buy a ton of stuff from woot! because it’s good merch priced right. Skil is definitely good merch, but stuff as good as this can be purchased at Home Depot for $4.99.

I don’t get it. Is this the price for all four sets or do you just get one? The description needs work.

What a fail, you can’t mix and match and combine shipping.

It says “Choose the best Skil set for your skill set” as in choose which one you’d like, if you click on buy it will also show what’s included.

You get 1 set, your pick.

After reading today’s woot rant it’s followed by the description of what you get exactly. Looks to me like you can pick only one of the items for that price. If this is in fact the case…it’s almost a rip b/c it is true…you can buy just about any of those items in the bargain bins in the box stores… I should know…I have tons of these gizmos. A deal it ain’t! Next.

4 different skill sets, but at most,you can only order 3 of them. Fail :frowning:

I like Skil tools, and I think they’re a good quality, but why would I pay $5 to get this shipped. It seems high.

Found this at QVC

The Utility Knife Set - with 3 5-star reviews

Ps, why did my original post at 1:03am get “tased”?

Free speech anyone?

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Um, you can. Maybe you’re mad because you can only get three, instead of all four?

I see that now thanks. I still think that the word "or: could have been mixed in to make it clear.