Skil Tool Set

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Skil Tool Set
$9.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I bought this 2 days ago… for less.

Edit: no… This was different. Nvm, I’m tired.

nothing gets the job done better than a set of ten dollar tools.

wasn’t it like 2.95?

Not only did this come up several days ago for cheaper…but wasn’t this already on earlier this woot-off as well?

Is this a 2 day woot off? Looooooove it. Lack of sleep is killing me though

Here is the last time it was on woot, no wootalizer though so don’t know the price.

more attachments…

Hey Woot! I’ll work two jobs for a quality post.

C’mon now!

There must be more than a couple of these beauties…

What does this have to do with the cast of Jersey Shore?

Clearly, Woot! doesn’t believe that we all have enough Skil toolsets yet :slight_smile:

Why I no can haz free shipping?

Different set.

Thems was the cheaper ones with less stuff (like the screwdriver version had less accessories and one option was a mini/precision screwdriver set).

These is the deluxe model with Racheting action all around. 'Cept for the box cutter which you can’t find anywheres for less than $15. It’s a darn shame that box cutters are so expensive, but the folks at woot sure were nice to allow us to purchase a box cutter for only $9.99.

*yes i’m aware that the ten buck box cutter comes with saw-blades too…

Don’t really need the Wootalyzer. The comments seem to indicate it was overpriced and that you could get the same stuff for $4.99 elsewhere.

Truth be told, it’s not comparing apples to apples, I’m sure. One bargain bin with Husky isn’t another with Kobalt isn’t another with Skil. My 2 pennies.

This is like the 6th or 7th time these toolsets have been on woot or sellout.woot. Are they made from tribbles? What’s the deal?


Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z ZZ Z ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz…

I got the 3-piece hardcase set thingy. You never realize you need this crap until you move out on your own and everything promptly breaks as soon as the family is out the door after the move-in party.