Skil Toolset

Wait, so we can’t even get one of each without having multiple accounts?

we want the skil palm tool set

Indeed; massive fail for inability to spend more money using only one account.

I’m stup1d.

I got one of these sets a while back. I was lured by the “Skil” brand name.

Let’s just say - I tossed mine in the trash in frustration. Not worth the postage … even if it’s “free shipping”. Yes, it’s that bad.

I bought the 22-piece set a few months ago and it was a great buy! It worked great for fixing my laptop.

So it almost looks like the 6 pc Screwdriver set are metal handles. Can anyone confirm this, or are they just cheap plastic?

I bought these when they were on woot a few weeks ago. I picked up the 1/4 driver set, the precision screwdriver set, and the ratcheting screwdriver set. There’s a good amount of bits and sockets to choose from. I was surprised to see the 22pc precision screwdriver set came with really small torx bits for things like cellphones and other gadgets. All 3 went into my guitar repair toolbox, and for the price, I can’t think of a single complaint.

Check your local Home Depot’s for clearance items of these. I bought the ratcheting screwdriver set for $3 about a month ago there.

Yup, it’s… quite misleading, sadly.
But then, look at the price. Craftsman it ain’t.

Silly; there’s 5 unique items.

Apparently you’re unclear of the exact meaning of the word ‘each’.

Well this is screwed up.

I got these last time they were on Woot or sellout… The ratchet stripped on the first nut I tried to unloosen. Like it was made of butter. And I mean the ratchet not the socket. On the other hand it was 3.99. Just don’t try to unloosen anything too tight. As far as the screwdriver with the exotic tips…so far there has been one thing that I have that needs unscrewing with an exotic tip. It’s a triangle and the set doesn’t have a triangle. I’ll have to say this was probably the worst Woot I’ve gotten. Just glad I only spent about 20 bucks for the three different sets.

Purchased a few of these in a Previous Woot!, 3 out of 5. Cases are kind of flimsy, and the tool handles aren’t flawless but they are sturdy and well made. But they match my Skil sawzall nicely.

The 6pc precision toolset, and the T-driver seem particularly useless to me, but who knows.

Amazingly good price. And to think my Skil drill’s charger recently broke and won’t charge the battery anymore. Can’t use the drill right now, guess these will have to do.

Really on the edge.

Why wasn’t the Skil Sonic Screwdriver included? After all, it does everything!

I’ve managed to get a collection of these from various woot off’s and woot’s. They are indeed a lower range product, but they work fine for the tasks I use them for like opening notebook computers, cell phones, etc. They are comparable to ‘Husky’ brand at Home Depot.

They will break if you try to use too much force, but for small jobs they come in quite handy and make great gifts.

I use the 22 piece precision tool set the most.
Obviously you must buy a set of three to make it worth the purchase (financially) as these go for about $5.99 at the local hardware store…

in for 2, can’t beat the price!
Thanx WOOT!