Skil Toolset

These tools aren’t great but they are certainly better than nothing. They make for good stocking stuffers!

I got the 22 pc precision set w/extension (previous woot!), and I’m pleased with the quality. It’s pretty much what I expected. No complaints.

The precision set looks like it doesn’t belong in the family, the “Green Sheep”, as it were.

I purchased 3 of these from Woot a few months ago and am pleased with their quality & utility (they’re tools, so is utility implied?).

This is ideal for IKEA build-it-yourself stuff. I got a few of them last time they were on Woot right before I moved into my new apartment.

wow… I bought some of these a while back… then they offered them again… and again… and again… thanks amazon err woot. Honestly though the 1/4th driver set saved my butt a couple weeks ago on a lawn mower repair where I could not find my regular 1/4th ratchet.

By save my butt I mean “got the carburetor off to realize the air intake tube had become disconnected from the air filter box and that a ton of grass had been sucked into the engine” So actually it only helped me in ruining my day. THANKS WOOT!

Be sure to take a look at the close-up shots. There are a lot of them…

The case alone is worth the price of admission.

I have 3 of these and they do come in handy daily. Great for sun glasses tightening and repairing small gadgets, replacing batteries in kids toys or simple repair. For $2.99 it’s a no brainier!

I bought all of these and most of them broke right out of the package the first time using them, on a bicycle no less. Complete garbage.

These would work well for gift-giving and stocking stuffers.

the screwdrivers are actually pretty good for fixing eyeglasses

Any chance we can buy more than 3 and keep the same $5 shipping for the entire order?

Can anyone recommend which three would be the most useful for me to pick up?

The Torx, Philips, and flat-headed bits are worth the price. PoziDriv bits are hard to find, if one ever has a need for them.

I tend to lose bits, so I’m in for three again.

Infinite toolkits to work on infinite Knight Flight Batmans when they crash :wink:

I truly wonder about the vastness that must be Woot!'s warehouse space…

Only you can answer that question.

I bought three of these last time. I would buy them again but they haven’t fallen apart. Useful bit selections, satisfactory builds.

For $3, you’re paying for just the metal, really.

They have a 1-year warranty through Skil. Did you contact them?

I think woot is trying to sell off all the tools they used to recondition all those Roombas they’ve been selling!

Seriously, I got a couple of these last time they were up. I got them for my daughter for when she goes off to college she’ll have some tools to fix stuff. I was wrong. I realize the errors of my way now.

I got:
the mini screw drivers - these are ok, but such a small selection
the precision screwdriver/bit set - the bits don’t sit right all the time, you have to sort of force them in. And then they just fall right out
the quarter-inch driver/offset screwdriver - The screwdriver side is ok. But don’t expect to put any torque on the sockets.

Even at this price, I’m not sure they are worth the cash. I’d wait for a sale at Lowes or HD.