Skil Toolset

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Skil Toolset
$4.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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How come knows what’s next before we can see it by refreshing? That’s not fair! :frowning:

For the discerning tool in your life!

I wonder if you can Dismantle an Atomic Bomb with these?

I want my bag of crap already

screw that

I actually know that you can. Weird.

I have one of these. It can really come in handy around the house.


Do I cut the blue wire or the red wire. Which one is the blue wire and which one is the red wire. It’s so hard to tell under these yellow rotating woot-off lights. I hope this is the right one! (((BOOOM)))


gud mor skill toolz…

I’ve been disappointed with the Skil power tools I’ve bought. The quality seems to have gone downhill since Bosch bought them. It’s like a low-end, slightly flimsy version of what Skil used to make.

i found both of these for 3.99 each at “a reputable hardware store” no deal… common woot, sell me something good!

looks like it’s NiCad, which means if you don’t have OCD and keep it charged, it will be dead when you need it. It would be a steal if it were LiPO. This goes for $7 elsewhere.

Hmmm, I cannot choose the Automatic bit changer Toolset from the options…

I do not see a link for your “reputable hardware store”…no link, no better deal.

My thoughts exactly!

why do i always miss the B… O>>> C