Skil Toolset

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Skil Toolset
$4.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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At that price these can’t possibly be any good, can they?

Totally missed the TV. But I bet this will be around for a while.

Does no one know it’s a woot off or something? Moving so dreadfully slow

I bought a few of these maybe a year ago in another wootoff and they’ve actually been very handy. I use them a moderate amount of the time and they’re pretty much exactly as I bought them, still.

For the price, they are good. I’ve had good luck with previous Skil tools. If you are using them for home use and small projects they will be fine. Don’t buy them for heavy duty use.

So the Baggie of Crappie was and old decoy…? where is the real one or what was the point in the questions!?

Don’t buy them all yet. I need to make a sandwich.

Anyone get a BOC in the adventure game?

I got two of these pivots last time. I just ordered two more. The time I tried before this (after getting 2 & trying to order more), FedEx lost them.

They are great, especially for the price. The bits themselves are worth the money even if the drives may not be. As with any ratcheting drive, don’t overtorque or try too hard to loosen/tighten stuff. They will probably break. For the price, these are perfect to take to the junkyard. If you lose a bit or even the set, it’s not a big hit. They come in handy for the junkyard when you could be facing a torx, slotted, phillips, or even an off-the-wall square or star screw.

tools are nice and handy.

Wow! Didn’t think it could get more BORING than this… but you have OUTDONE yourselves woot!..

Merry Frickin’ Christmas, Amazonholes…

Probably will break or something and become useless junk…

So was this planned, the woot off I mean.

Honey… I can’t decorate the house today…It’s a WOOT-OFF. I am going to be busy all day shopping. Mostly for useless things that we are not going to need at all.

for the money they work great! I love them, they are perfect for having around at work for small jobs. I just am upset they list two and only have 1 for sale.

It depends on your definition of good. The tools are made of a lower grade metal and are less precise and less refined than something you’d call quality, and the bits are probably going to break with relative ease. The units themselves will be less forgiving of overuse as well. A casual user will be happy-ish with the tools for the price. If you’re in a professional setting they make a good, cheap back-up, but don’t rely on them as a primary tool. Industry should have nothing to do with this specific sale, as the only appeal of the tool would be its price over hundreds of units at least; not really in line with woot’s 3 item max.

Oh, and for once I would love to see THE BOC come up at an extremely odd time. How about right after the skil tools

I got the pivot head one in a woot a little while back, and it’s great for stuff around the house, and actually has a decent selection of quality bits.

Oh, wait, I just looked at the picture, this has an even better selection of bits, and they still look like the good stuff. I’d say go for it!