Skillet Foods Pumpkin Sauces

Skillet Foods Pumpkin Sauces
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1 Skillet Chipotle Pumpkin Sauce - 10.5 ounce jar
1 Skillet Brown Sugar & Apple Vinegar Pumpkin Sauce - 10.5 ounce jar
1 Skillet Thai Coconut Pumpkin Sauce - 10.5 ounce jar


RU Kidding me? Ok off to dinner

Don’t think so.

These are made by Bacon Jam people.

I struggle to imagine the kind of macabre machinery that they must have at their disposal.

My fiance LOVES all things pumpkin. This is a great buy for me.

Uh…I just bought them and now I’m having second thoughts.

Bacon Jam is one of the grossest things I’ve ever tasted…

I ordered the bacon jam and loved it in a warm vinaigrette over spinach salad. For those wondering “what on earth would I use pumpkin sauce for?” they have a recipe section on their website: Recipes - Skillet I found the bacon jam vinaigrette recipe there.

These contain some junk ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated soy and corn protein. What happened to the “gourmet” flare of wine.woot which demands only real, quality ingredients?

In for one just for the weirdness of it!

And we do really like the bacon jam!

Off topic: We keep missing out on stuff on home woot, somehow we are much more focused when wine is at stake!

Haven’t you seen those corn sugar commercials… They start by telling you there’s a lot of wrong info out there about high fructose corn syrup and then tell you that corn sugar is the same as cane sugar. So if you believe those commercials then wine.woot is still offering gourmet foods…

Oh, and have a bridge to sell, cheap, and republicans care about the un-rich as well, hehehe…

I point out that there are actually three separate sugar entries for this item. There’s the corn syrup, sugar, and apple cider vinegar (which is also high in sugar). If, instead of separating the first two items, they just used sugar, it would probably be the first ingredient, rather than the second and third (and fourth, if you count the apple vinegar, and I do).

I have math skills.

Almost forgot. The suggested serving size is a tablespoon. You’re much more likely to take in two to four times that much.

Hmm, I do love pumpkin and I like the suggestions of serving it with butternut squash or spring rolls. However, not being vegetarian (contains fish/anchovies) is a deal-breaker! Glad I read the ingredients rather than assuming “pumpkin sauce” would be safe…

Wine celler on home.woot

The recipes look good, and we’re already in the habit of pumpkin sauce on pasta. I’m in.