Skillet Street Food Bacon Spread

This sounds delicious, especially since there’s a lot of other good stuff in it, but I can’t help wondering how close we are to cultural rock bottom when we’re spreading bacon with a knife.

Skillet Street Food Bacon Spread
$18.99 (Normally $28.00) 32% off List Price


Also useful if you’re making a horror movie and need props.

So, do we get 1 jar of each? Since, there no way to choose a variety?

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Dear sweet lord…I need input…Is this stuff any good?

Here is a cooking video

My eyes say “bacon glop?” but my stomach says “BACON GLOP!” Anyone tried this stuff?

What do you spread this on?! Bread, pancakes, waffles? Can you use it as a wet dry rub for bbq? What recipies are best?

Maybe elvis would of loved this…two slices of bread, bananas, peanut butter and then grilled in butter! I think i figured this stuff out!!

BLT with bacon spread mmmmm

Yep. I went through the order process and you get both tubs. I’m asking them to add an “In the box” section to make that more clear.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hmm… may taste awesome for all I know, but it sure looks a little too much like earwax for my stomach to accept.

If you love baccon and still have a good heart, Look at this site. Just so you know there bacon is smoke curied not water curied so it has a strong flavor and does not shrink

If you don’t like the taste you can always make tallow candles.

Woot are you just rubbing this in for all those poor saps that missed out on a woot skillet?

It sounds so good, I shouldn’t but I might be in for one.

Made me giggle. Glop. Funny word. Go ahead and say it. Glop. Bacon Glop. More giggles.

Here’s a staff question, I know most wine woot stuff doesn’t ship to Oklahoma, but does this? If so…

I’ve been buying this stuff off and on for a couple years (it used to be called Bacon Jam then). It’s pretty damn tasty, works mostly as a condiment really. I spoon some on the top of burgers on the grill near the end of cooking or sometimes on steak.

How long will this stay good after opening? Bacon spread might get daily use in some houses, but I don’t think mine is one of them.