Skillet Street Food Bacon Spread

Skillet Street Food Bacon Spread
$18.99 (Normally $28.00) 32% off List Price
Skillet Street Food Bacon Spread - Original Flavor, 10.5 oz.
Skillet Street Food Bacon Spread - Fennel and Black Pepper, 10.5 oz.


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Mmmm bacon. Is there an instant delivery option?

Holy eff… That main page photo almost made my lunch come back up :frowning:

Change that pic, please!!!

Anyone ever see that Mythbusters episode where they make a candle from earwax? That pretty much matches what this stuff looks like. Disgusting. That being said, I am still very tempted by this seeing as how it is made from bacon!

Oh my bacon…

Wow, gross


This looks tasty (and anyone who says otherwise must not like Hummus, spinach dip or Pate)

Anybody tried it before? I need a push!

It does taste really good, but it’s more of a bbq pork flavor than bacon.

Worst. Photo. Ever.

I do love bacon.

Finally, the perfect addition to potted meat sandwiches!

What is the expiration date on this?


that is potted meat…with bacon bits

That’s not going to matter. You’ll finish it off in a week. It’s really good. I’ve been to Skillet Street and it is darned tasty on a burger.

I do love hummus, spinach dip and high quality pate. But they don’t look like wet turd blobs like in the main page photo!!

The fact that I don’t eat bacon has nothing to do with it, I didn’t even know it was a bacon product when I first gagged.

mmmmmmm … regurgitated bacon

+1 Lunch

I bet this goes well with milk-steak and jelly beans.

Have the “original” jar. Agree that it is somewhere between roasted pork with onion and magical bacon concentrate.

It’s delicious, but I find it hard to get through a jar, particularly when I have actual crunchy, savory onion-free bacon that I want to put on things. Two jars is a year’s supply; it’s OK to freeze, though.