Skinny Rinsin’

the puff-a-lumps are back (

dishes are the last thing I want on a tee shirt. unless its Diana krall -hubba hubba

If i wear this shirt, does that mean i can get out of doing the dishes?

I bet this is what Steve has to deal with when he isn’t clue hunting.

I’m not so sure about how clean this shirt is…

I wish my dishes would wash themselves.

Are the dishes making their own “bubbles”???


Hey! Who’s blowing bubbles! Gross!

WOO HOO! The Otter’s getting Randy tonight!

Anyone… Dipping skinny?

Congrats on the print, RandyOtter! :smiley:

(I would definitely watch ‘The RandyOtter Show’, if anyone is taking a survey.)

Melissa Mug is the coolest out there. No other mug can compare.

I may be slightly biased.

This will explain the dirty dishes in my sink-- I’m just waiting for them to wash themselves!

what is with all the crappy cutesy shirts these days?!?! Bring back the abstract!!

I actually said “D’awwwwww” out loud when I saw this shirt.

Unfortunate side effect of this shirt: The next time I accidentally knock a dish off the shelf I may burst into tears.

Mr. Mug may need to take a dive under water to get fully clean.


I love this - if it weren’t on heather I’d totally buy!!!

An excellent gift for the Mrs.

Are those two faucets, like they had on old-timey sinks, or are those just the handles? And if those are handles, then where’s the faucet?

is that one with the towel drying off…or just bashful