Skinny Sticks Pure Maple Syrup 16oz 3 Pk

We have no corn syrup or corn anything in our processing facility and our syrup is just sap from the maple trees boiled down. I don’t foresee any issues with our pure maple syrup for you.

Thank you for explaining the process, differences in grades and info regarding “blending”. In for one set! I make French Toast for Christmas morning every year and every year I try to buy a quality syrup. Will be having Skinny Sticks this year. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving.

I’m only one person so three bottles sounds like a lot to me:

What is the shelf life of this?

Do you refrigerate after opening?


Great question! I also work at Skinny Sticks’ and help with the production of our maple syrup. The official shelf life of our syrup is 3 years as long as it stays sealed. Unofficially, it can last for many years longer than that, especially in a glass bottle.

You do want to refrigerate after opening the syrup, otherwise the air and moisture at the top of the bottle can grow mold. You know it’s real food if it can grow mold. :wink: