Skins Compression Apparel

Is there a sizing guide for these? How do I know which size to purchase?

Here’s the product page for the stirrup tights at least on Skins’ website. Sizing guide is here (but it’s a Flash popup so I can’t link directly).

I bought a pair of the women’s tights and a pair of the men’s calf ights. I like them so much I’d pay retail for them now - and for me, that’s really saying something. I’m big, and it’s rare that a manufacturer will make women’s sizes that fit me - these do. I wear the tights during and after long runs or hard rides, and I often sleep in the calf tights. My legs are much happier, and I’m feeling less delay-onset muscle soreness. (I stretch, too, so it’s not just the compression.)

Maybe I missed it but are these sold in pairs?

Which item are you asking about?

No idea what they were asking about, but it’d be great to get confirmation on all the socks, sleeves, & tights.

The tights w/stirrups (black or white) are what I’m specifically curious about. Is it a pair or a single ‘tight’?

Just checked with the buyer, even though it’s singular, they will be coming in pairs. All things you see as pairs will be coming that way.

Is there a shoe size on the socks? I’ve got little feet