Skooba Designs Checkthrough Messenger Laptop Bag

“NO WAY that TSA would allow you to keep your laptop in this or any bag when going through airport screening”

Actually I have a similar bag for my netbook which opens completely and lays fairly flat at the netbook compartment and I left the computer in the bag. Recently made it through airport screening in no time.

Good morning all! Thankfully I got an email from a friend telling me about the woot-off…I haven’t always been checking first thing in the morning!

Actually, there are a number of companies that have had their designs approved for exactly this purpose. Timbuk2 and Mobile Edge have bags that are labeled “TSA-Approved” with a separate section just for your laptop. So long as there is nothing else in this section of the bag, and it can be scanned freely (i.e, not underneath the bag itself), the laptop can remain in the bag.

Sounds like some of you could stand to do a little reading. Try

I fly with a similar bag all the time and have never been asked to remove the laptop. You do have to “unhinge” the bag so it lies flat, but still simplifies security a ton.

What the heck is up with the site?

I’ve been traveling a lot lately and always jealous of the business travelers with these types of computer bags.

I watch them quick go through the line as I struggle to pull my laptop out of the bag and put it into a dirty container coated with who knows what.

I’m in for one! My easy traveling days await!

Once I have to unzip the bag I’m halfway there.
(I’m really opening myself up here.)

Welcome to woot-offs! There are some exciting things that they sell, but I think the real excitement comes just from the suspense. You are going to find some things that woot sold in the last few weeks that didn’t sell out, and there will be things that you have NO idea why anyone would buy them. Like this one.

But just sit back and enjoy. They only come once in a while.

When are the refurb w00t servers being sold…I need one.

Oh wait, nvm, w00t is apparently still using them.

Actually they do. I do it twice a week on average, in many different airports. The bag is opened up like a book, with the laptop by itself or with books in a section of the bag with a clear window. The cords and other contents are kept in the other section.

What else does it do?

All you need to carry your laptop around safely is a garbage bag filled with styrofoam peanuts.


most TSA screenings require that you turn your laptop on, which requires removing it from any bag.

I’ve always been asked to take my laptop out of any bag I’ve carried, even ‘special’ ones like this. After this, my laptop zipped straight though the scanner, no problems.

Anytime I’ve seen someone who did get it through WITH a sleeve got it scanned a few thousand extra time through the machines, holding up an already outrageous security line, something I will be facing again this Saturday.

Please, on behalf of travelers everywhere just take out your laptops anyway. Please.

wow no one has even bought one yet. have i missed anything good?

TSA will let laptop through with this bag, folded out flat, which is quite convenient.

But the bag is not well designed, because of the need to open flat, shoulder straps connects at the exeterior part of the bag that results in bag flopping outwards in an uncomfortable manner when the bag is used, as intented, for a medium heavy laptop.

Bought in a prior wootoff.

Not recommended.

“Sir,what part of take your laptop out of your bag did you not understand?”

I’m seeing this model bag on several other sites for about $100. Good deal!

I was at the airport just last week and the guy in front of me had this exact bag. His laptop stayed inside of it through the whole screening process. The TSA agents said “I wish everybody had those bags”. Seriously.

I have this bag and used it over the weekend to fly from Chicago to New York (LGA), and I didn’t have to remove my laptop on either leg. The bag itself is nice, although it’s not quite as roomy as I’d like.