Skora Phase Running Shoes for Men and Women

I run in Altra Instinct zero drop shoes, so I was very interested in these. I came across a couple reviews which both stated the Skora Phase blisters the heel. I’ll have to pass on these.

Just wanted to respond to the above post saying that I have about 400 miles in Phase without issue, many of those miles sockless.

Much sexier looking that most shoes, as well :wink:

I run in Skora Form shoes and doubt that I will ever, ever try another running shoe again. Sleek, minimal, comfortable, and durable.

That being said, I’ll probably pick up a couple of these in hopes that they are even half as comfortable as the Skora Form, just for everyday use.

Shoes are something I am very reluctant to buy online. Like to try them on first… make sure they fit.

For those that have run in Skora shoes, do they fit true to size or should I order up a half-size/full-size?

In each of the sales we say “Fits true to size, extra wide toe box for increased volume, removable insole to gain more volume by approx. ½ size”

Hope that helps!

Thank you!

Shoes fit is very subjective, what one person finds uncomfortable another will find comfortable. That being said, I personally feel that the Phase is the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn. The toe box is wide providing plenty of room, and the overall fit is the best I have felt out of any shoe I have previously used. I purchased mine from another site for a bit more, and after using them for a while I would have no problem paying full price for them if I needed another pair.

Before ordering my first pair of Skora (Form) shoes, I read a TON of comments about sizing issues. I took a stab in the dark and ordered a half-size smaller than what I actually wear, based on reviews, and they fit pretty well. To be honest, the next pair I order will be a full size smaller than what I typically wear. After washing my current pair they fit perfectly, but prior to that, they were just a tad large.

Sizing is completely subjective, as mentioned above (of course), but I think there are some sizing issues with Skora shoes. Based on my experience, and those of others all over the Internet, I’d recommend ordering a half-size small. Hopefully that will work as well for you as it did for me. When you get them to fit well, Skora shoes are incredibly comfortable. They’re a dream to run in and a pleasure to wear otherwise.

By the way, I hate to add this comment, but these are only $54.98 with free shipping on Amazon right now (men’s colors, at least) and after Woot shipping it might be worth spending the extra seven bucks for easy returning if they don’t fit. Just something to think about if you’re concerned with the fit.

Was this in the Phases? I purchased my Phases in the same size all of my other shoes were and they fit me perfect. I also have a pair of Bases in that size and they are bit on the large side, and a pair of Forms that I got through a friend that were accidentally a half size smaller than I normally wear which fit fine. So in my experience the sizing difference is between their two basic designs, the Phase/Core and the Base/Form, the latter in my opinion running about a half size smaller.

I wear a half size smaller in the Phase than all of my other running shoes. It’s the only shoe I’ve had to size down in. If you’re a pretty solid size, you might consider sizing down.

These are great shoes, by the way. Definitely worth giving them a shot at this price.

Sorry, I meant to clarify this. My shoes are the FORMS. They are the only Skora shoes that I’ve owned so far, but they seem to run a bit large. You may be completely correct, in that there may not be a sizing issue wight he Phase/Core shoes.

I was strictly speaking from my experience with Skora, based on the FORMS, and hope that my comments didn’t sway anyone in the wrong direction.

It seems like opinions on sizing with the Phase shoes are split, so I can’t comment there, but I can still fairly confidently confirm that when the sizing is right, they are very comfortable shoes. It seems like that is the consensus (and my experience with the FORMS) regardless of design.

Best of luck with the shoes!

Checked every size and color. Though the lower price is advertised, once you actually make your selection, the price is always anywhere from 75 to 110. The base price is, as far as I can tell, false advertising.

I have been running in SKORA shoes since April 2013, and for me, they fit TTS in terms of running shoes, which I usually wear W9.5. In regular shoes, I buy an 8-1/2 or 9, depending on the style. That would translate to sizing up a 1/2 size or 1 full size. That is why I stated it might be best to order your regular running shoe size. Having said that, I prefer my shoes a bit roomier in the forefoot so that my toes can spread apart. Size also can be affected if the individual elects not to wear socks. I own three SKORA styles, the Phases, Bases, and Forms. I prefer to run with socks and all are W9.5. I love how they feel on my feet. With the Phases, it’s almost like not wearing any shoes! Your feet never sweat or get stinky; great breathability! Love them all!