Skullcandy Crusher Over-Ear Headphones

Jingle for Skullcandy Crusher - Rock your brain with skull crushing sound and comfort.

Are these noise-cancelling? I’m looking for a good set of headphones to wear while gaming and Skyping, and noise-cancelling headphones prevent you from hearing yourself, which is disconcerting.

are these wireless?

They are not active noise cancelling. There may be some noise reduction due to the over-the-ear design.

No, they are not.

Seconded! With music going you really can’t hear anything outside of them, awesome for public transit! Muffling to be sure, however, I did not find them soundproof enough to be unnerving when using them for WebEx or Skype meetings.

I do so wish they were Bluetooth! I had to have my Crushers replaced and opted for Hesh 2 Wireless as the replacement. [Skullcandy’s Warranty and Customer Service are OUTSTANDING by the way!] Though I can’t imagine the average Bluetooth intended battery could last long with that bass rumble!