Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket Earbuds – Chrome

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Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket Earbuds - Chrome
$14.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Yeah! More overpriced earbuds. I don’t spend more then 99 cents for my ear buds.

Does Google own Skullcandy too?

(get it?)

Pluggy earbuds make the voices in my head echo louder. And that infernal breathing…

The name of this product on amazon is “Skullcandy (Product Out Of Date, Newer Version Available) S2FMBZ-CZ Full Metal Jacket Stereo Headset (Chrome) by Skullcandy”


Skullcandy; the expensive one-ply toilet paper of earbuds.

These are pretty darn good buds. Good poppy bass, but not to where it overwhelms the rest of the range. I wear them inside my motorcycle helmet daily and they’re solid. I’d be in for 1 if my last pair wasn’t going so strong still!

These are very good, although a bit Bass heavy. The lifetime warranty is great, too. If you break these on accident by your own doing you get 50% off your next pair (At least that was how it used to be)

Oh, it has a satin pouch. Totally makes it worth the $15.

have a pair, the foam ear pieces are great…non tangle cord is great too…great sound…i paid $30 and that was $10 less than B Buy, 4 months ago

You probably have the worst quality of songs as well and can’t hear any bass or anything. Songs must sound like crap for you.

That being said I HATE these types of headphones, earbuds or w/e you want to call them. They never stay in my ear at all, and always fall out no matter what I do. They do however keep a lot of sound out and have really good sound quality.

These were made by the Full Metal Alchemist right? Where is Ed Elric?

They’re $70 on the Skullcandy website, just so people know.
But I wish they were over the ear headphones instead.


I agree…had mine for over 2 years now…great lil guys

Why no square trade warranty?

Have you tried Duct Tape?? Just sayin’.

Probably still searching for that damn stone.

They have a Lifetime warranty

Good buds. I stupidly bought this for like $65 a couple years ago, they have very powerful bass but like all skullcandy, are a little lacking on range and dynamics and HAVE TERRIBLE BUILD QUALITY! I went through 2 pairs under minor use in a year before i got fed up and bought another brand… their warranty is good though, first time i got a free replacement, 2nd time i got a 50% off coupon (which i used during their 50% off sale)

For $15 these are a good set, especially for a highschool/college student who like this brand