SkullCandy Ink’d Rasta Earbuds

you can hide your weed in here


erm, second…

I really like my SkullCandy earbuds, too bad I just bought a new pair last week. =(

Was expecting to see Livestrong across the yellow band on these

Hey, at least it’s not a refurb.

I can’t speak from experience, but I keep hearing bad things about Skullcandy’s cheaper products.

Edit: Gone already? Wow o_O

Seen at REI for $11 something

Ahh Earbuds! About ime some of these show up.

Not terrible at this price… sold out in 3-2-1

Is it coincidence that there is a link to the “Meh” shirt to the left of this posting page? Amirite?

Ya Man!!


I think someone is sending me a message. Yesterday first item I saw was UV growing lights, followed by USB record player, now rasta earbuds…

sold out?! wow. time for the short-sells. now?

umm no. Can’t see it work the $5 shipping! oh well next please

rasta man

Well, I’ll say one thing about this Woot-off - Funny “Info sheets” !
Like the Rasta plugs. Too bad I got so many last time… :wink:

Wooty love!

used these for 2 years now, sound is great, sturdy for the price. These are $19 plus tax at BB and Target…

umm no. Can’t see how it’s worth the $5 shipping! oh well next please