SkullCandy Ink’d Rasta Earbuds

if only the cords were made out of a thick dreadlock hair…

I bought a $10 pair of Skullcandy earbuds, they broke, then I returned them. They gave me a coupon code for their store for 100% OFF. I got a replacement $70 set LOL

Do they fall out of your ears? I once had a pair that looked a lot like these, and they fell out of my ears while running or walking fast.

EDIT: Er, nevermind, that was fast.

want, but don’t want to pay $5 for shipping.

For $10 I might as well go down to my local Best Buy and buy a cheap pair, easier to return that way if I don’t like them.

I have a pair and would buy them again. For what they are they work great. Keep in mind they are $10 headphones (normally $15), so don’t expect miracles.

Quoted from the item description…

“And if you’re white dreadlocks are out. Seriously. That’s non-negotiable. Stop it. You look terrible and you smell worse.”

el oh el!

Depends how far away that Best Buy is. Normal mileage compensation for business is $0.50 per mile. At that rate, if it’s over 5 miles each way, the $5.00 shipping is cheaper, especially at $4.00 per gallon.