*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

This is the link you click to buy this shirt after February 13th


yeah for blue


I’m not sure that I like the color


doesnt look like a mens shirt


Its a girls shirt.

Im not a girl.


thinking same thing.
i had a light blue shirt, but it wasn’t so…um…girly?


Nice, I like it a lot. For a second I almost thought it was a Fable daily. Very cool.


I like the blue. I just don’t get it.


good colour

but the design?

If it was a “Ghost Flower” then maybe (not), but really it looks rather like a bad rendition of the mushrooms in Marioland


colors ok, art…uhhhh interesting…overall…huh…is this an adder?
Can I get a bucket over here


my hunch: the people that like the skull won’t like the baby blue, and the people who like the baby blue won’t like the skull. :-/


This reminds me of that weird “Grow” game. I’d find a link, but I’m too lazy.


I am a girl and abstaining from purchasing, and there is a probably a guy out there that is buying.

this could blow a hole in your theory


I agree. It does have a Fable Flavor. :slight_smile:


:open_mouth: indeed. Could blow it wide open.


Yesterdays reminded me more of a fable…

This one is nice, but I’ve got too many shirts and unless I start changing six times a day they’ll never make it into my cycle.


I’m in for one. I like the color and design. Besides, baby blue is not necessarily a feminine color.



well i bought the carton shirt from yesterday.
So I believe I will just enjoy the picture on a computer screen for today.

Off to bed.
Night Shirt/Woot


His website really makes me want to play games over at Orisinal