#2*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race
Skull and CROSSED-boned that you missed this shirt? To buy it, click here!


oh wow… what a great looking shirt. better check out this guys da page as well.
sweet style man


is it me? I love tubelike monsters like Blue from Foster’s! Grats Recycledwax on the print!


Same designer as skullflower?


Good design. Imma hold off on this one, but this looks like a sign of good things to come.


Cool art.


Looks Good, Thanks


Nice design, but too crowded for my taste.


I will enjoy this one.


I have 4 moleskines!



Wow, Recycled Wax is an awesome artist. I love the way he handles the lighting on all his creatures, it makes them both adorable and artistic.


I missed Random Shirt day 'cause I slept late, and the XLs were already sold out. I ended up getting a WM for my girl. Good for her.

My Mister Bobo, Masonic Dyna-Monkey is lost somewhere in SmartPost hell.

And now this.



cool but too cartoony for a shirt


Definitely a cool design, good job to the artist. Couple things stopping me from purchasing however:

1 I think this is something I would rather hang up as a painting or use as a desktop wallpaper instead of wearing as a shirt

2 This reminds me of shirts my friend wore in junior high ><


AHHHHH!!! it looks like zombie pokemon or something!!!


Love the colors in this one, the art is great too. Not my type thoe, ill pass.


Very cool shirt, but I promised myself I wouldn’t buy any more asphalt shirts, and I’m keeping it. Not on purpose, anyway. I will happily get this in a future Random Shirt, or in trade.


tube-ness aside, the black one clearly has… well… dripping testicles…


Neat! Love the color. I do agree that it would make a better poster…or maybe even a pillow.