Skullycandy Ink’d Earbuds

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Skullycandy Ink’d Earbuds
$4.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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So much skullcandy!

…and not one Sansa or Nook offering.

Finally! Some earbuds!

Not again.

Great double post.

These are great cheap earbuds to give to the kids who break / loose them in no time anyway.

In for 3…my daughter eats these for breakfast it seems. And in her color too!

Instead of sharing my dissapointment that this is not a camera…I shall advise you to buy a pair.

At this price, a fair deal. These sound very good. I use them daily at work. They have the bass you need and ok mids and highs. Get it.

It says red or pink, but it definitely looks like red or purple to me…

These aren’t bad…especially for the price.

Actually, these are pretty nice for day to day. I have a pair of “Ink’d” I got on sale because the color was discontinued, and they’ve beat out all the other cheap earbuds I’ve ever bought. Even those were probably at least $12. I’ve been happy with skullcandy.

In for 3, even though they’re red. Eventually I’ll need them, or I’ll give them to desperate friends having headphones emergencies.

What’s with Wyoming? No Wooters there?

in for 3.

where’s the NINJAs!!

For $5 their worth a buy for gym/exercise use, but other than that there are much better choices under $20.

First time wooting! Got these cute little earbuds, I just wanted some in the same color as my laptop case…


Looks like there’s an extra ‘Y’ in there.

…you mean Montana? Or perhaps South Dakota?

I’ve always loved skullcandy, great little headphones for small price :slight_smile: