Sky Fire

Love the sweep of the wings

Perfectly Picturesque!

Congrats on your Derby win, TQG! :slight_smile:

Nice job! I’m glad to see this one in the top! :slight_smile:


Cool :slight_smile: Thanks so much for the votes!

Congrats on the print.

Is there still a charcoal gray version?

You’re correct that this was originally submitted on asphalt, but black was requested in the derby discussion.

Woot chose black.

Congrats on a great design and print thatquietgirl!

I originally submitted a 4th of July design- “Brother Maynard’s Fireworks” on yellow. Woot decided to offer a Navy blue version as well and it outsold the yellow 3-1 and actually is a better version. Don’t know if that is true with this design, but they often seem to know what they are doing with these minor tweeks. :slight_smile:

Thanks all! I also made mention to woot that I was okay with either color choice. Hopefully asphalt will be available at some point :slight_smile: