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This design has a tranquil, Miyazaki-esque feel to it. I love it.

That’s what makes me love the design so much. That and the amazing attention to detail. Really glad this printed, and I’m buying one.

As a supporter of whimsical designs I endorse this shirt.

That’s a pretty small windmill compared to the guy, unless he’s a giant.

sweet! glad it got printed in for one.

Flying fish, huh?

Miyazaki is win, Gorillaz is win, Patrickspens is win…In for one win.

If/When he catches that… does he get pulled down? Or does the fish go up?


Luckily, yesterday’s fish was wearing a stylish helmet that protected against a lack of water AND air fishermen.

That seems like kind of a terrible place to live, unless he only likes to eat fish. Maybe ducks fly by occasionally.

depends on the fishes size, if it’s big enough the fish will pull the flying island, which makes for a fun ride.

Given how high up he is, the windmill really only needs to be tall enough that the blades don’t hit the ground.

I wonder if he’s got a pond behind the house with birds in it.

A Laputa sleigh-ride!

What does he use for bait?

that cat is in for a rude awakening.

And how is that fisher going to brag about a catch like that? His arms can’t possibly stretch that big.

Congrats on the print!
It’s a very beautiful piece, I love the colors.