Sky Invader

wow, this is a FANTASTIC design! great use of space…

p.s. it would be even better if the white glowed in the dark!

Perfect retro game reference!

For a moment I thought that the clouds were brains.

And having heard War of the Worlds, the city dwellers knew just how to defeat the alien threat - a computer virus! How to upload it was less obvious…

A great (and geeky) example of Pareidolia.

Reminds me of the flying brains from Futurama coming down on you.

the protrusions on the buildings look like they are cloud cannons XD

I also think that if you look at this from a horizontal perspective it looks like the space invaders’ version of the LHC

So much for using a building as a shield…

At first glance I thought this was a terrible design and just an excuse to put a video game character on a shirt. Now that I look at it more closely though it’s actually pretty cool.

That’s pretty slick. And since that good old 4bit game is what my husband pulled up to play promptly after hooking a laptop up to our tv…that’s an insta gift.

Looking at this design for too long made me dizzy. Love the perspective though.

I need buildings that jut out on the top for reference please…

I really like the optical effect and the whole DFA vibe. Plus I was a ginormous Space Invaders fan when I was a kid.

partly cloudy with a chance of invasion

Great shirt but I have so many black shirts =\

makes me want to go play this awesome neo-retro again. hooray paradox. :smiley:

That’s one way to avoid a copyright lawsuit lol.

I like this alot. It has both a retro (cut my teeth on SI) and a modern look, but what really impresses me is the nearly seamless interweaving of so many different elements. It looks like building - no - it’s a futuristic computer screen. It’s got meteors - no those are eyes! It’s a mask - no, it’s the sky. Brilliant!

Tang Yau Hoong always makes you think.

First thing I thought was Tron for some reason. Then Space Invaders. Pumped to see the movie on Friday!