Sky Viper R/C Stunt Quadcopter

**Item: **Sky Viper R/C Stunt Quadcopter
Price: $52.99
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Condition: New

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A few great reviews (4.8 out of 5.0) over at

Sky Viper R/C Stunt Quadcopter
Price: $52.99
Condition: Unknown

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What is the range on the transmitter (i.e. how far away from you can you fly it)?

It’s on sale for $69.99 at Toys R Us, and costs $67.12 at Amazon, so the Woot deal is much better.

There’s a detailed 5-star review on Amazon, but no other reviews are posted there yet.

Time for a video [youtube=7gRQ8Az6cEw][/youtube]

how much better are these from $30 symas?

and whats the flight time?

  • THAT* is a review video??? More questions than answers.

The Syma X1 is so good for the money that I’ve accumulated three. They have a lcd display on the remote so you can see where the trim is set but don’t have the best range. I also want to know the range and flight time of these, but I’m skeptical.

I have a little bit experience flying these type of quadcopters. You will probably get about 5-7 minutes flight time. Charging time is around 45-60 minutes. That’s an issue getting only 1 battery. You would have to do some research to find similar batteries as using only 1 battery isn’t going to be much fun. According to the video you get some spare blades and the carbon-fiber foam housing (a plus) will take abuse, but a hard landing could break something, and there are no parts besides the spare blades. And you WILL break a blade. Most quads in the less than $60 range are “throw-aways”, parts are rare so if something major breaks you are SOL. They are very fun and addictive, however. I am gradually working my way up to a larger one that can carry a camera and has more spare parts and longer flight times.

There are better and cheaper beginner quads available. Check out a Syma X1.

A friend of mine, who has regular r/c copters, has been trying to get me to buy a quad copter. He recommended the nano blade quadcopter. It has little guards in front of the props to protect them, and has a safe mode switch on the controller that makes flight much more forgiving. Then, when you get the hang of it, you switch to normal flying mode for craziness and mayhem.

I have the Blade mqx which looks very similar to this without the foam housing. There are plenty of parts available for the blade and many sources to get them. I can’t say the same for the sky viper. Some of the parts may be interchangeable but I don’t know for sure. I have seen the sky viper for sale at Target for about this same price. Quadcopters do take a learning curve so don’t expect to do stunts right away. I have crashed my Blade several times and it has held up for the most part but I have had to order a few parts.

I have the Blade Nano QX (the quadcopter you’re referring to). It’s awesome. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a beginner quadcopter. In fact, I just bought a 6-pack of spare batteries for extended flying sessions. The only problem I have with it is that it’s so light that it’s hard to fly in any significant wind. It’s fine in a slight breeze, but if you get to the point where it’s strong enough to blow a leaf across the ground you won’t be able to fly outdoors.

Does this have anything protecting the blades from the stuff I’m going to hit the first time I try to fly this thing or is this another one or two fly deal and then the fun is all done?

@jackietherussell, was he referring specifically to this brand/model or to all sub-$60 quads?

You aren’t going to get several-hundred/thousand $ quad functionality in a sub-$60 device in any case.

These are toys, not professional-shoot grade machines capable of carrying remote controlled gimble-mounted cameras.

I was about to push pause due to this guy’s aggravating, hyper voice but thankfully he calmed down a bit toward the end.

@Dkw5334, huh?

Did you look at any of the videos posted here or at any of the pics on the front page? Perhaps go to a PC if your phone can’t show them.

Reminds me of a video I saw a couple days ago…

Quadrotors are everywhere!