SkyCaddie SGX Golf GPS Rangefinder

Please stop feeding this company money! You have to pay like 30 bucks a year for the ability to use their service… map loading is a pain in the butt. I would much rather have a garmin with free course updates every year or two that I invest about the same amount into to start. Or pay 19.99 for a complex phone app that is better… or just use the free phone apps… :confused: Now … a range finder deal I might be able to get behind!


Here is a great video demo, This one doesn’t have simulated images like woot’s demo so you get to see exactly how it looks when you buy it.

The video gets cut off at the end but a lot of the pulp is still there… Just so you do need to spend money on a subscription to use this after the free trial expires.

Hey Stopped back real quick to drop off a few more things.

Here is information on the yearly subscription plans

Here is the FAQ

SGX Quick Start Guide

Player’s Guide

Plays Guide Fix Or: How you Really do a soft reset

User Manual

As always downloaded and then uploaded to google docs for easy viewing

I’m going to bed, I hope to see some more discussion when I wake up.

Here’s some softball questions :tongue: SkyCaddie Owners:

Is the screen difficult to see in bright lights?

Did you notice an improvement in your game?

Have you ever experienced Signal Lost? Was it Common?

I have had one for almost 5 years. Actually I am on my 3rd. Two have broken. I do not like the newer versions myself. The company did not support the product very well, as it is expensive to be on the 3rd in such a short period of time. Personally I would like to know a better alternative. The price on this particular one is good, but then you have to activate. I would be sure to purchase the warranty through square deal.

I am still on my original SG3 (6 years old). I dont enjoy forking over the $30 to SkyCaddie each year, so I have tried several phone apps on my Droid X. Most of them have better features than my SG3, but none are as accurate or give me the distances as quickly (some of this may be related to the crappy GPS on the DroidX). Not sure if it improves my game, but I do know that I miss it when I don’t have it on the course.

I have a Golf Buddy. No subscriptions, free downloads. It is not fancy, but accurate on every course I’ve tried with only one exception. It has taken the pacing and arithmetic out of my game, and if it’s a couple yards off, who cares? I can’t tell 173 from 171, and either one’s a better guess than my “18 paces from the sprinkler head that I think said 192 and I’m more or less even with my ball over there in the rough.”

I would try one of these in a heartbeat if it weren’t for the annual cost. Can’t see signing up for a play tax when there are so many other options.

A GPS rangefinder with a yearly subscription fee to access all its features?

Prediction: this is ending up on sellout.woot or one of the wootplus grab-bags to rot until enough people have missed that particular detail.

My father in-law got this as a birthday gift and it was a pain in the butt. You have to activate in through the computer, which never gets through the activation process. The website was no help, neither was the tech support on the phone. Ended up returning the product from where we got it and the employee said that they see a lot of these back since they are not easy to set up.

I really don’t see why anyone would buy this.

I downloaded the free swing by swing golf app on my android phone and it works great. For $14.99 I could get a version of that app that actually records data and graphs it.

Save your money, get yourself a smartphone.

I’ve had my SkyCaddie SG2.5 for years and love it. A friend has this version and I liked the features so I’m buying one.

Yes, a yearly subscription is necessary, but I’ve used and/or seen all of the others and, to me, nothing compares to SkyCaddie with regard to speed, accuracy, and MOST OF ALL battery life! The iPhone versions just suck the life out of the battery…most would not last an entire round. Garmin is OK, but that’s about it.

I play about 75-100 rounds a year. so an extra 30 to 40 cents per round is worth it to me.

I’m on my 2nd Sky Caddie (sold my 2.5 to a buddy, bought the SGX) and I feel naked if I dont have it. I understand people wanking about the annual fee, but I havent found a comparable device anywhere. Swing by Swing on my Android phone is a joke, takes forever, and still costs $14 to upgrade to anything close to a SC. My partner’s Garmin is good, but takes longer to lock onto satellites and has been off on yardage quite often. SkyCaddie actually sends a team to every course to laser exact yardages. That costs money, people…Once I pay my fee every year, I don’t even think about it: honestly, It’s what I spend on 1 middle of the road dinner.

for the most part, no. in direct sunlight, sometimes.

absolutely. yardage to the green is great, but yardage to every obstacle is the hidden benefit

Never in 7 years

Thanks a lot, I don’t golf but I’m certain your answers will help people in making their decision.

Agree on Swing By Swing. I even paid for the PRO LOOPER membership, I love all the features and everything, but when it comes down to it the accuracy of distance just IS NOT THERE. My father-In-Lawhas an older SkyCaddie that is always almost dead on with markers on the course.

I have tried just about every golf app for my phone there is, and while they are great for free… or a small fee… they just aren’t that accurate (at least not yet). So, if you don’t care about accuracy as much, and many don’t…then an app will do just fine. But I am getting to the point where I am getting good at golf and want to be more ACCURATE.

I am thinking strongly about this deal