SkyCaddie SGX Golf GPS

Much better than any cell phone golf program. Can be used in tournament play. If you don’t know your distance to the pin and hazards how will you know what club to use. Take the guess work out of your game at a incredible price. The money you save you can buy better golf balls.

I want my 20 bones back I paid for it last noght!!!

In the last paragraph is this disclaimer:
After 30 days, Basic Green information as well as Advanced Green and Course features require one of several nominally-priced Annual Membership Plans.

Other GPS have 30000 loaded courses for free. Sky Golf has the worst customer service to deal with period, You ask for expiated or special service and you are told 15 working days after receipt.

I wasted $$$$ on mine. Switch to a GPS that gives you all the courses free and no membership fee or 30 day trial

I have had great luck with my skycaddie but the yearly membership is a pain. I am thinking about switching to a laser range finder but the $400 plus is a little steep.

I agree. I had older skycaddie and have since switched to Callaway uPro. It gives pretty much same course info but with no annual fee. Sky Caddies make a better device overall and I recommend only if you don’t mind giving them 30-50 dollars annually. Smartphone apps give you this for free also but I would prefer a dedicated device for golf.