SkyCaddie SGX Golf GPS



Maybe I’ll have to take up golf just so I can use all the golf woots… Unless I just stick with backpacking.




Horrible reviews on amazon:


All we need now are golf balls with a GPS tag of some sort in the core and you’d be good to go. No need to waste time searching for a white ball in a white sand trap in 100° weather. Just sit back and watch the little bugger fly across the screen of the device!


Here it was the first time it was for sale

Here was my post from last time


i just want to know if this has the newest courses for golden tee video golf included and will it make me putt better or be more handsome? trick question - not possible!


Yea,like this going to help my game!


Okay, I’m puzzled by this. Why do you need a GPS device when you can see the hole you are playing towards?

Isn’t that why they stick those little flags in everything?

(Yes, I’m one of those guys that thinks a golf course is a horrible waste of a rifle range)


Right on!
Wonder if you’ll get a smart alecy comment from Thunder…