SkyCaddie SGX Golf GPS



This will take forever. Plenty of Cheap iPhone/Android Apps that do what this does.


Sorry but it is not even close.

Like a flip phone is as good as smartphone.

The yardage info on skycaddie is as good as shooting a laser. The phone apps are done off of a sat photo while the skycaddie is done from a person walking it off with a gps.


Actually some of the iPhone apps are done by GPS too. Which is Sat which is the same thing this device does. So sure you right it has better accuracy but that is down to 1-3 yards MAYBE.


Hate to agrue but have used golflogix and the other smart phone apps & they are not even close to these.

They are 5-10 yds off or more & golflogix is the best of the phone apps.