Skyline Full/Queen Tufted Headboard

So, just in brown then? Doesn’t actually say anywhere, but I can infer from the nonavailability of color selection drop-down and the single color featured in pics.

Would this still work if the bed is a murphy? I have a queen sized murphy bed that needs more pizzaz.

Yes, only available in ‘Chocolate Velvet.’

Maybe it’s just me, but this seems to fall squarely in the category of “heavily discounted doesn’t automatically make it worth the price”

^^^ This! Good job!

How much abuse will this thing take if it will be banging against the wall a lot?

cough :meh:

What is the height of the padded headboard portion? Is it low enough to fit under a window ledge?

meh. I feel like I have creepy crawlies on me just thinking about the texture of this thing. Polyester velvet? Was this made in the '70’s?

I know, I too hate this material.

Groupon had this for 150 dollars a while back. but that was 6 months ago. You snooze you lose. Now you can buy it here for 165.

I took a look for setup instructions but didn’t see any… Anyone else wanna look? Here is the Skyline Website for this product they are asking $219 for it with free shipping.

Five Woot! Monkeys Jumping on Your Bed!?

Is this what you mean? It’s from the Specs tab:

Dimensions 62”W x 4”D x 51”H

Nice, simple style, but I see myself spending as much on lint rollers as on the headboard. Propping my light-colored pillowcase against the headboard shouldn’t make me cringe. It looks like a giant magnet for lint.

I asked the buyer a similar question and got this in response:

This is not velvet like the Elvis wall art of old. Velvet is a widely used fabric in the furniture industry. It is actually considered to be luxurious. It is super soft and almost velour like. In furniture velvet is a very positive term not a hokey one or at least it should be. It costs a lot more per yard to cover something in it.

Just mount it on the wall, then you won’t have to worry about it falling off the bedframe.

It looks like a giant chocolate cracker.

In the right setting this headboard could be a good focal point. My bedroom is not the right setting.

More cushion for your…

I only clicked because I thought it was a huge ice cream sammich.