Skyline Full/Queen Tufted Headboard

I read the explanation, but still don’t understand how this can be expanded to fit a Queen sized bed. How can you make a padded board wider?

You can’t. A Queen bed is nominally 60" wide vs 54" wide for the Full bed. Many bed frames/headboards are sized to match the Queen size, but have mounting holes for both sizes. The headboard will stick out an extra 3" on each side if mounted to a Full size bed frame.

Maybe now the bump on my wife’s head will finally go away!

Just the thing to give your bedroom that charming “Motel 6” kind of feel.

I bought a purple Skyline tufted headboard last year. I got it from Wayfair.

It’s ok. It installed easily. It’s on my 5 year old daughter’s bed, so it doesn’t see much action aside from kids jumping on the bed. Based on how it installed (just attached to a simple metal bed frame), you’d have to have this really flat and tight against the wall to keep it from constantly banging against the wall.

I got this from Costco a few weeks ago, and it is perfect. Excellent quality, nice color. PS. It’s still available from Costco for $160 with free shipping and Costco’s generous return policy.

Expanding on above, it has very good reviews on Costco but this is not a good woot if you have (or know someone with) a Costco membership since it is $15 cheaper and easily returnable.

Here’s the link:|93|2129|90917&N=4048045&Mo=29&No=24&Nr=P_CatalogName:BC&cat=90917&Ns=P_Price|1||P_SignDesc1&lang=en-US&Sp=C&hierPath=93212990917*&topnav=

I had a dream last night I was eating a chocolate cracker and when I woke up my headboard was gone.

I’m in for 2, but a little disappointed to learn that it’s available for less elsewhere. C’mon, O’ Hallowed Woot Gods–how about a price match?

I appreciate a headboard being on Woot! since I can never bring myself to spend hundreds of dollars on a big block of…decoration…but sorry, this one is u-g-l-y.

So is this made from real chocolate? If it’s not real velvet made of 100% natural chocolate, I just can’t have it in my house.

All I could think was it melting if it got excessively warm, and then I was sad inside.

Now I get it… I’m starting to warm up to this headboard. It makes the bed a comfy place to sit up and read, watch tv, etc. The only problem is I rarely sit up in bed and read or watch tv while at home. At a hotel, yes. At home, no.

Now…if we can just make that into a bed/mattress somehow…


While not a bed, this is pretty close to what you wanted:

Behold! The ice cream sandwitch bench! (Only $950.)

I missed this by 1 minute because I forgot my stinkin’ password, but I still want a big chocolate cracker for my head! :slight_smile: Any ideas?

They’re selling it again today.