Skyline Full/Queen Tufted Headboard

Here it was the first time went up for sale

Mmm, now I want an ice cream sandwich

I guess since it is padded it could come in handy.

This what you need, when you have children that sleep with you. We’ve got a padded leather headboard and our baby has bumped her head on it so many times and never once even noticed. Had it been wood or metal, she’d have cried many times.

well, dang, i just bought a new bedframe… but what i want to know is… where did he get that comforter? looooooove it!!!

See this all the time and I would buy it in a heartbeat if it were black….

When your house is made of cement block, this thing is a head saver!
We ordered it last time, it arrived with the fabric was pieced together incorrectly (the top row of panels have the knap going in the opposite direction resulting in shinyness when the rest looks matte). Still waiting on a replacement from the manufacturer so can’t comment on it looking nice in person.

You can actually make one of these yourself very easily. Great tutorials on the web. I did it and spent no more than $50 and about an hour of my time. Looks great!

You could get two… and a large, thick white sheet…

From my Wife:

Where can we buy those sheets!?

So, asking the crowd, anyone know where one could find that print for duvai cover and shams?

I totally thought the same thing when I saw this. Then designed a whole ice cream themed room in my head and thought that would be really cute for kids.

So based on the previous post, this is brown only?

Yes, one color only. Brown. Very, very brown.

I couldn’t tell if it was a brown’ish or gray’ish. Wished it was in the gray hues. Brown just won’t work in my sons bedroom.

no king size? NO KING SIZE?

it can be found here:

Is it squeak proof?