: ) Cute monster fun by one of the cute monster fun bests.

Love the literal take on skyline. Add a cute dinosaur = instant winner.

Dino power works every time.

Guess this gives new meaning to the term ‘blue moon’.

Another wonderfully cute design, Wences!

(2+ hours in, and only 19 sales so far? Ouch!)

Is one of my all the time favorites, and looks like will be one of my worse sellers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I know the feeling man-

Don’t kick yourself. It’s a really fun, smart design. I love the idea of the city’s silhouette being pulled like a string. Grats on the print! :slight_smile:

Too cute!

:frowning: … though the pace has somewhat picked up since last night, at least.

It doesn’t help that there’s currently no consistency with the blanks situation. My copy of Caffeine, Makes me a better person came on AA but since I was anticipating having to alter it, I didn’t order in my regular size.

I will admit I stopped buying due to the “mutant” blank issue, and yes it is a great design I would have considered purchasing