Skylink Complete Wireless Alarm System, White

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**Item: **Skylink Complete Wireless Alarm System, White
Price: $104.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New
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Skylink Complete Wireless Alarm System, White
Price: $104.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard* or $9 Two-Day or *$12 One-Day
Condition: New

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Let’s check out the product page

I see additional ‘pieces’ of this alarm system available on Amazon. Any idea how many pieces one can have hooked into the same system?

150+ users give this an avg of 4 Stars

Says it works with up to 30 Skylink Security Accessories.

Anyone know if you need a phone line for the dialer? Can it dial over IP?

I just bought this on Amazon for $150ish. I also have internet cameras so the thought is that if the alarm is triggered it will call me and I can check the cameras.

I have had difficulty getting reception between my front door switch and the control unit. It’s less than 50 ft, and one hallway turn between them. I also bought a vibration sensor on a sliding door that is line of sight and about 50 ft. Reception is hit or miss with that one. The motion sensor reception is fine (I bought 2 additional).

I thought the unit was defective and ended up returning it and repurchasing it twice, but none of the three I tried had any better reception.

Be advised that for the phone unit to be most secure, it must be installed at the main line that enters the house. If it is simply added to a jack, then picking up any phone will not allow the unit to dial out.

If the exterior phone line is cut before the alarm is triggered, it won’t be able to call regardless.

There are many add-ons and accessories you can get, but with my system I only trust the motion sensors to trigger reliably, and one of the two door switches. The one that works is about 20 ft. away and through one wall.

This is a good price, and it’s better than no system, but I do not feel very confident in the performance after having installed it. However there is no monitoring fee, it is a visual deterrent, and the motion sensors seem reliable and should pick up a thief running toward the control unit to smash it. If he is fast he could do it before it signals the phone unit to call you. But for the average slow and timid thief, this should suffice.

You need a phone line.

Just did some research on this product.

  1. Yes, it requires a phone line. More specificailly, it requires a POTS compatible phone line. Generally, as long as your phone plugs into the regular phone jack (RJ-11), it is likely to be POTS compatible. So - some VOIP phone services, like the one you get from your cable company, or even UVerse, are probably compatible. Other VOIP services, like Magic Jack, would be incompatible.

  2. They do have other accessories available separately, like the temperature monitor.

  3. They do have other home solutions available, including an Internet Home Control solution, featuring an internet hub and both iphone/android app control. The system being offered here is not the internet capable product.

Police officer here.

While I can’t endorse this item specifically, having never used or seen it before, I have to offer my professional endorsement of audible only, non-monitored alarm systems.

If a thief wants to burglarize your house, they will. An alarm is only going to speed it up. Any alarm. And they don’t know which type of alarm you have, so they have to assume that the police are on their way. But it’ll take us 15 minutes to get there after the alarm monitoring service gets the run, calls our dispatch, and dispatch puts it out over the air, and then we drive to the address. We NEVER catch the thieves in the act. It just takes too long for us to get the run. I have literally sat down the street from burglaries (unbeknownst to me) and haven’t gotten there in time.

So getting an un-monitored, audible only alarm system (or calls select numbers like this unit) are about the best investment you can make.

Just make sure your neighbors are advised of the system, so if they hear the noise, they know what to do.

Great advice. And if you’re home when some creep kicks your door open, put a bullet in him first and ask questions later.

why waste your money on this carp, when you can get a professionally installed system with cellular for around a $1 a day? And in most cases the $100 bucks for activation is rebated back to you!

any suggestions on services?

All good points. Thanks for the post. I guess if they move faster they won’t get as much stuff.

A dog is the best deterrent to a break-in but, since I don’t have the time to take care of one right now, I may jump on this.

can these be accidentally set of by cats?? genuine question here.

None. As the earlier poster stated, they do not ever get there when the robbers are still in the house, even if they did they will only wait outside until the police show up, and that means even if you are holed up inside with the thief they will do nothing. Systems that are monitored are a waste of money.

I had this Skylink system (minus the dialer) and it worked great for about 10 months. Then the battery got low in the motion sensor and it triggered a false alarm in the middle of the night. Scared the crap out of me and ordered an ADT system that night. Bottom line: as long as you don’t mind crapping in your pants once every 10 months when the batteries die, it’s a good system.